December 2, 2012


 1. I've wanted Dior's Miss Dior for-ev-er! No one ever gets it for me though because it's like, ninety dollars... ouch. I'm sure I'll eventually end up splurging on it for myself one day. 2. The Priestess Necklace from Sea of Bees Jewelry is just so effing pretty! 3. I am IN LOVE with the Charlotte {in metallic chevron} Camera Bag from Epiphanie. It's definitely my favorite out of the entire collection of gorgeous camera bags. 4. Every girl needs a bit of sparkle in her life. Especially during the holiday season! I think I'd look pretty rockin' in this Navy Sequin Blouson Dress, if I do say so myself. 5. I don't know about you, but I can't resist this whole chevron fad. And what better way to wear it than with this simple and feminine version? 6. I'm really into song lyrics as art these days... {well, all days, actually} I want this on my wall like, now, thank you. 7. I'm still using my Canon EOS Rebel that I bought way back in 2005. Yeah... I really need a new camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T4i is exactly what I want in a camera, we were made for each other. 8. I just want these boots so I can wear them with all my nineties inspired skater dresses I keep buying. 9. I have the first Urban Decay Naked Palette and it is my favorite thing ever. So i figure I should have the Naked 2 palette as well. You can't have too much of a good thing, right? 10. I used to hate lace. Now, I really like it and I think I need some in my life. This Lace Tank Dress would be a good start. Plus, I could wear the black boots with them and pretend I'm back in the 90's. Not that I had any style whatsoever back then... 

What do you guys want for Christmas? Do you ask for things that you need or things that you want?  Happy shopping! Or {in my case} happy wishing! Cheers! Marianne.